Great Lakes Banker Rolls Out Web Version of Magazine and a New Marketing Campaign to Boot
When GLB Publisher Greg O’Neil took over Michigan Banker Magazine in 2005, he knew that future growth would be crucial to maintaining the monthly publication that had then run every month for nineteen years. And grow it did, to the point that the magazine outgrew it’s Michigan Banker name, leading O’Neil to introduce to the now well-known Great Lakes Banker moniker. Then in late 2018, readying for the celebration of 30 years in print, Greg O’Neil redesigned the magazine with a fresh new look.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the banking convention season, O’Neil set about the next task: Creation of an on-line version of Great Lakes Banker magazine. The publisher considered a digitized “page-flipper” version of the print magazine, , but instead opted for an online magazine that would allow readers to comment on stories, engage with advertisers by directly clicking to their sites, and of course read the magazine anywhere at any time.

The project is ongoing, and the first online issue, June 2020, debuted on July 10 at While work continues on the on-line magazine, Great Lakes Banker is also readying for a new marketing campaign targeting the banking industry via social media and web advertising.
By increasing readership and giving our advertisers a wider audience through print and now digital, Great Lakes Banker hopes to continue to be the most well-trusted and widely read banking industry publication in the Great Lakes region.