If Your Business Includes Great Lakes Banks, Then Great Lakes Banker Magazine Should Be Part of Your Business!

Telling Your Story Is Easier Than Ever

You and your company have a story to tell: A history, a product, information, a fresh perspective on some important issue, even a particular expertise that you can call on to help a client, educate your fellow professionals, or even change your industry. Our readership, the bankers and bank suppliers of the Great Lakes region, is the audience you want to reach, and we make it very easy to do so.

Appear on the Cover of Great Lakes Banker Magazine!

The cover is the place to be if you want to talk about real accomplishments and innovations, tell the story of your company, and show us why you are the best in the business. Written in the third person, by-lined by our editor, and focused on accomplishment and expertise, your cover story will not only serve you today but with reprints will be a powerful marketing tool for months and years to come. Your cover story should be between 1500 and 1750 words in length and include 4–5 images (photos, graphs, or whatever is appropriate).

Mechanical Specifications and Insertion Rates


Dual Page Spread

  • 17.25” W X 11.25” H (Includes .125″ bleed)

  • .5″ Margin Safe Area

  • 60 Column Inches

  • Black and White 1-Insertion Rate $1,360 

  • 4-Color, 1-Insertion Rate $1,950


Full Page

  • 8.75” W X 11.25” H (Includes .125″ bleed)

  • 7.5″W X 10″H (Island)

  • .5″ Margin Safe Area (bleed only)

  • 30 Column Inches

  • Black and White 1-Insertion Rate $785

  • 4-Color, 1-Insertion Rate $1,375


Half Page

  • 7.5” W X 5” H (Horizontal)

  • 4.875” X 7.5” (Vertical)

  • 15 Column Inches

  • Black and White 1-Insertion Rate $595

  • 4-Color, 1-Insertion Rate $1,185


Third Page

  • 7.5” W X 3.25” H (Horizontal)

  • 4.875” W X 5” H (Vertical)

  • 10 Column Inches

  • Black and White 1-Insertion Rate $495

  • 4-Color, 1-Insertion Rate $1,085


Quarter Page

  • 4.875” W X 3.75” H (Horizontal)

  • 2.25” W X 7.5” H (Vertical)

  • 10 Column Inches

  • Black and White 1-Insertion Rate $465

  • 4-Color, 1-Insertion Rate $1,055

Image Resolution and File Types

All artwork and images must have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. RGB and CMYK color formats are acceptable. GLB will convert color ads to black and white at no additional cost.

The .pdf file format is preferred for artwork. Other acceptable formats include .tiff, .png, .jpg, and .psd.