Mercantile Implements Succession Plan    

Robert B. Kaminski Jr.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., — Mercantile Bank Corporation has furthered its previously announced management succession plan.

Robert B. Kaminski, Jr. has retired as President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercantile and as CEO of Mercantile’s wholly owned subsidiary, Mercantile Bank. Kaminski remains a Director of both Mercantile and the Bank.

Raymond E. Reitsma

Raymond E. Reitsma has resigned as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mercantile and has been appointed as President and CEO of Mercantile and CEO of the Bank. Reitsma will continue to serve as President of the Bank and Director of both Mercantile and the Bank. He has been with the Bank for 20 years, beginning in 2003 as a Commercial Loan Manager. In 2015, Reitsma was appointed as the Bank’s West Region President and became President of the Bank in January 2017. He was appointed EVP of Mercantile in 2018 and served as COO of Mercantile during 2022 and 2023.

Reitsma has also served as a Director of Mercantile since 2023 and as a Director of the Bank since 2016. His areas of responsibility have

Scott P. Setlock

included commercial lending, treasury/cash management, mortgage lending, operations, risk management, retail/branches, and credit administration. He was also very instrumental in the preparation, transition, and integration periods surrounding the merger with Firstbank Corporation.

Scott P. Setlock has been appointed as EVP, COO, and Secretary of Mercantile and as Secretary of the Bank. He remains EVP and COO of the Bank. Setlock was appointed EVP, COO, and Secretary of Mercantile in January 2024, and has served as EVP and COO of the Bank since January 2022. In his 20-year tenure with the Bank, Mr. Setlock has held roles within commercial credit, commercial credit management, commercial lending, and mortgage lending management.

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